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The Designer

Suárez is a Nicaraguan born designer who was raised in the dynamic city of Miami, Florida. Surrounded by art, culture, and innovation, she was able to hone her innovative eye, while grasping a deep connection to her rich Latin roots.

Martha has always had a big love for Couture.

From an early age sheuncovered a passion for the fine arts, in which she would be trained. It was through fine and conceptual art that she discovered the world of Haute Couture. Her formal design training began while studying at the renowned Design and Architecture Senior Highschool (DASH) in the heart of Miami’s Design district

 At DASH, Martha thrived. She can vividly recall seeing her first runway show by the famed Christian Lacroix and knowing that she wanted to follow in the footsteps of the great designers. She quickly became one of the top students in her program, earning awards and scholarships aplenty, and most notably being handpicked by the brilliant Esteban Cortazar as his first apprentice. During these formative years, Martha was guided by some of Miami’s most respected instructors, who recognized her unique talents and pushed her toward New York City, the epicenter of American Fashion.

Martha chased her passion to New York City, and secured a coveted spot in the Haute Couture program at the famed Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)while pursing her BFA in Design. It was here that she perfected her couture skills, under the guise of some of fashion’s most renowned teachers and leaders. Not only did she immerse herself in intense couture training at FIT, but she also interned and apprenticed for respected design houses, such as Maggie Norris Couture.

Throughout her storied career, Martha has touched many areas of design. She has worked and studied in womenswear, menswear, and accessories; all to gain a better understanding of fit, fabric, concept, and the nuances of the art of design. She has rich and rounded experience, all which can unquestionably be seen in her brilliant work today.