Our Brand

The Martha Suárez  label was created for the bride who doesn’t wish to look like a “bride”. Feminine, chic, and relevant, the Martha Suarez collection draws inspiration from both vintage elements and future concepts. Both classic and innovative fabrics create a distinctive design unlike anything else on the market; perfect for today’s bride. Our approach to the wedding dress, is one that does not follow the rules and conventions of the traditional bride. Our bride looks to break free from tradition and convention. She is excited by our use of prints, unique silhouettes, innovative textiles – all tied together by couture techniques and timeless quality. With an emphasis on natural, ivory, and light hued colors, our motto is #notanotherwhitedress. Martha is not only giving her modern bride the individuality she is seeking on her wedding day, but also giving her the opportunity to wear her stunning piece again at a later occasion. Drawing inspiration from every facet of life and nature, the pieces are truly unique, beautiful, and full of possibility

The Creative Director

Born in Nicaragua and raised in Miami, Martha Suárez takes inspiration from her latin roots and her love for Haute Couture.
The story of our atelier began when Martha had the personal experience of being a second-time bride. Wanting to feel romantic, but not the “princess bride” stereotype, Martha craved something different, not to mention something that she could wear again. That is when she decided to go beyond bridal.

Martha’s training began at the renowned Design and Architecture Senior Highschool (DASH) in the heart of Miami’s Design district where Suárez is from. From there she chased her passion to New York City, securing a coveted spot in the Haute Couture program at the famed Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) while pursuing her BFA.

Today, the Suárez brand has taken her vision designing for the bride who is getting married and doing it her way; effortlessly elegant, passionate and irreverent.

Martha effortlessly blends feminine with masculine pieces and vintage inspired looks. Rooted in minimalism and sustainability, our designs are purposeful and beautiful, made to be loved forever.

Our Mission

We believe that your most thoughtful look—the one you wear at your wedding—should be worn for more than a few hours. Martha’s personal closet is filled with high-quality pieces both old and new, and the combination of the two is the epitome of sexy, effortless style. Our pieces are constructed with longevity and versatility in mind, made with luxurious fabrics and finishes.

As a brand, we are committed to more sustainable fashion. Our road to timeless style begins by sourcing the finest fabrics and laces, eco friendly material and organic inks in our printed fabrics.
We work thoughtfully in the design of each piece from it’s versatility stand point to crafting each piece in a
female-run shop in NYC’s Garment District. This keeps our clothing in your closet and out of landfills.

We use recycled packaging and materials to keep our process green from sewing to shipping.
Each piece is proudly made in NYC’s garment district.