Our Philosophy

My goal is to make women feel strong, confident and desirable by providing elements of an elevated, versatile wardrobe. We are committed to complimenting a woman’s form and designed to adapt fluidly to the ever-changing demands in her daily life.

 — Martha Suarez, Founder


We believe that your most thoughtful look--the one you wear at your wedding--should be worn for more than a few hours. Martha’s personal closet is filled with high-quality pieces both old and new, and the combination of the two is the epitome of sexy, effortless style. Our pieces are constructed with longevity and versatility in mind, made with luxurious fabrics and finishes.

As a brand, we are committed to more sustainable fashion. Our road to timeless style begins by sourcing the finest fabrics and laces, eco friendly material and organic inks in our printed fabrics. We work thoughtfully in the design of each piece from it’s versatility stand point to crafting each piece in a female-run shop in NYC’s Garment District. This keeps our clothing in your closet and out of landfills.

We use recycled packaging and materials to keep our process green from sewing to shipping. Each piece is proudly made in NYC’s garment district.